Why all the fuss about pool certification in 2015?

Swimming pool safety legislation can be complicated. It’s estimated that 90% of NSW swimming pools do not comply with state safety regulations, and the numbers of drownings and near drownings every year in the greater Sydney area alone are concerning. Urgent reform is needed to make more Sydney and NSW pools safe, and force owners to ensure their pools and fencing are registered and certified as complying with safety laws.

Despite the safety concerns, however, the NSW Government often finds its hands are tied when it comes to enforcing pool registration. In February of this year, legislators were forced to flip-flop once again, just six weeks before the registration deadline.

A shortage of qualified inspectors meant that swimming pool owners were unlikely to be able to certify their pools in time. There were also fears that there weren’t enough skilled tradesmen to support a last minute, state-wide rush to get certified. The deadline for swimming pool and spa certification in NSW has been pushed back to April 2016.
But what does this mean for NSW pool owners in Sydney and elsewhere? Well, if you haven’t yet had your pool inspected by an accredited certifier like Pool Certification Sydney, there’s good news and bad.

The good news is that you have a few more months to get in touch with a certified professional to inspect your pool and help you make sure that it complies with all safety legislation. The bad news is that if you miss the April deadline, you could find yourself in the position of not being able to sell or rent out your house because of a non-complying pool! Why not avoid the rush and have your pool certified now?

With an estimated 90% of NSW and Sydney swimming pools not meeting the safety regulations requirements, you can bet that you’ll need an inspection from someone with experience very soon. With the help of a qualified certifier, you can finally make sure that your pool complies and that you and your family are safe around the pool. Get in touch with us now for an inspection.