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In our line of work we hear a lot of horror stories about non-complying pool barriers, so we’re committed to helping inform people about all issues to do with water safety. This page is a collection of links to websites that can help you and your family stay informed about staying safe around the pool and at the beach.

The Australian Water Safety Council

The Australian Water Safety Council was formed in February 1998 as a result of strong industry consultation and Federal Government support. It acts as a consultative forum comprising the major water and related government agencies. It presents key water safety issues to government, industry and the community.

The Council is made up of peak organisations involved in water safety which are:

Royal Life Saving Australia

Surf Life Saving Australia


Australian National Sportfishing Association

Swimming Australia

DAN Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific

Kidsafe – Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia

Farmsafe Australia

Surfing Australia – Australia’s Peak Surf Organisation

Australian Leisure Facilities Association

Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association

ASC – Australian Sports Commission

Australian Local Government Association

Other important organisations concerned with water safety include:

Swimming Pool Register of NSW (Includes checklists)

Keep Watch (Royal Life Saving Society of Australia)

Office of Sport and Recreation NSW

Water Safety NSW

Kidsafe NSW – water safety

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

NSW Fair Trading pool safety

Local Govt pool & spa safety publication

Pool safety barriers book from select NSW Councils
click here

Royal Life Saving Society – national drowning report

The Samuel Morris Foundation

St John’s Ambulance Australia (NSW)

Hannah’s Foundation

SPASA – The Swimming Pool and Spa Association


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